Importance of outsourcing the project

Since 1700s outsourcing had became so common in many industries. Although it was started in 1700s, ,it was popularised in 1980s by computer companies for the payroll services. The idea of outsourcing has began to spread in every industry both in service based or product based. As the boom of film industry and VFX industry rose especially for green screen removal and beauty fixing, outsourcing these works have also grown. In fact, outsourcing the VFX works has N number of advantages. Mainly for the work quality and budget friendly. There are a lot of best VFX outsourcing companies in the world which have the best VFX artists who could give the flawless output and now the Indian films have been gaining the world’s standards and so do the VFX artists in India.


Now a days, film industry has reached its peak phase both in budget and eye-catching Visual Effects (VFX). Rotoscope is one of the key elements in visual effects which in terms is a separate stream. To add a visual or graphics element to a frame, first, the frame is need to be rotoscoped. As this kind of work is so laborious and needs more experienced artists, it is difficult to find one. Here comes the concept of outsourcing. Basically, every studio doesn't contain many experienced artists for different streams at one place, so completing the shots would become harder. There are lots of outsourcing companies that have several VFX artists who are capable of completing the task in no time.


Match move in VFX industry is also referred to as "Motion Tracking". Match move, the name itself says, to match the movement. It is to match computer generated scenes with live action footage, and recreate live action backgrounds in such a way that reflects that camera in everyway. Lets take an example of a 3D model, Hulk in the movie, Avengers. To make this 3D model to look like a real character in the movie, the virtual camera has to move exactly like the real camera which records the live action. The process of matching the movement of live action footage with the virtual camera is called matchmove.

PAINT (Cleanups )

Although the standards of films are growing exponentially, the background filmmaking process has remained unchanged and has many disadvantages. Some of them are set properties or the shadows of the crew entering into the frame are not allowed, and sometimes there would be a need of improving the actor's facial appearance. So, paintworks come into the picture here. The VFX artists carefully remove the flaws and unnecessary objects from the frame. In this way, a phenomenal film can be created.


Compositing is the process of mixing several images to form a single image. Compositing acts as a connection between live action video footage and the digital assets. The main aspect in compositing is that creating an illusion that every different layer of an image need to look like as it is from same image.

Beauty fixes

It's quite common in films, commercial, and TV series to make the actor or actress to look older than his/her age or younger than his/her age. It's a very tough job to make an actor to suddenly transform into a teenager or de-aged character. Movie technicians used to hire young actors who resembles the same to play in the actors flashback characters. But because of the magic of VFX artits, the actors/ actress can play their younger and de-aged characters themselves